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  • Second Quarter - Our Lobbies Are Open And We Are Here To Help You!, The CARES Act And Your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan Account, What Can You Do With myPERSI, Remembering Retired Trustee J. Kirk Sullivan, We Are Live With Online Workshops!, Empower Retirement Counselors Available For Secure Online Choice 401(k) Plan Appointments, A Message From Our Friends At The Idaho Transportation Department’s Division Of Motor Vehicles, Protect Yourself And Your Family
  • First Quarter - Our Commitment To You, Update On Stock Market Volatility, Are You Thinking About Retirement?, The Empower Retirement Security Guarantee, What You Can Do With myPERSI


  • Fourth Quarter - Fiscal Year 2019 Highlights, Are You Thinking About Retiring?, Know The Advantages Of Your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan, Attending A PERSI Workshop Is Even Easier
  • Third Quarter - Hit The Road For National Retirement Security Week!, Keep Your Smart Devices Secure, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Welcomes Darin DeAngeli To The Retirement Board Of Trustees , New Contribution Rates As Of July 1, 2019 , Do You Know Your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan Options? , Have A New Mailing Address?, Attending A PERSI Workshop Is Even Easier!, Have You Heard About The Star Card?, Investment News
  • First Quarter - When To Submit Retirement Paperwork?, Meet Your New PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan Counselor, Understanding Medicare and Other Options, Please Remember Contribution Rates Are Changing, Have You Heard About The STAR Card?, Bulletin, Investment News


  • Fourth Quarter - Trustee J. Kirk Sullivan retires from PERSI Retirement Board, PERSI Retirement Board makes decisions about rates and COLA, PERSI employees celebrate the holidays by helping the Idaho Foodbank, Service interruption in January, Bulletin, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - Set The Table For A More Satisfying Future During National Retirement Security Week: October 21–27, Service Interruption In October , Avoiding Counterfeit Prescription Drugs, Registering For A PERSI Workshop Is Even Easier!, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - When To Submit Retirement Paperwork, Need To Update Your Mailing Address, Go Now, Go Big With A Webinar This Summer!, Meet PERSI’s New Training Specialist!, PERSI’s Chief Investment Officer, Bob Maynard, Featured In Trusted Insight, Bulletins: Help Understanding Medicare And Other Options, Investment News
  • First Quarter - Avoid Fraud: Tips To Protect Yourself And Your Money, Do You Need A Durable Power Of Attorney?, Learn More About PERSI’S Choice 401(k) Plan With A Webinar Meeting


  • Fourth Quarter - New PERSI Boardroom Named In Honor Of Former Chairman, PERSI Retirement Board Contribution Rate Decisions, PERSI Staff Makes Big Impact On Local Nonprofit, New Year, New Fees...Reduced Fees! , Bulletins, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - New Chairman and Trustee, Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Password, Meet Your Choice Plan Counselor, Attend a Workshop, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - Chairman Olson Retires, When to Submit Retirement Paperwork, Bulletins, Investment Report
  • First Quarter - myPERSI Member Portal Security, Remembering Trustee Shuler, Retirement Readiness Week, Help with Medicare


  • Fourth Quarter - COLA and Contribution Rates, Chairman Olson Recognized, Guest Article: Unfunded Liability, Account Security Reminder
  • Third Quarter - Funding and Fiscal Year End Status Explained, Tell Your Employer You Want Workshops!, IRIS is Here Along with a New myPERSI Portal, PERSI Welcomes New Member Services Manager
  • Second Quarter - Computer System Changes, Scam Alert, Watching out for the Elderly, Investment News
  • First Quarter - New Deputy Director, Update PERSI With Changes, Tax Season Information, Investment News


  • Fourth Quarter - Getting It Right, PERSI Fast Facts, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - Market Ups and Downs, Divorce Affects Retirement, PERSI Emergency Preparedness
  • Second Quarter - Celebrating 50 Years of PERSI, Take Your Choice 401(k) Plan with You, Get to Know Your PERSI Trustees, Need Help Understanding The Choice 401(k) Plan
  • First Quarter - New Board Member, New Choice Plan Record Keeper, Choice Plan Fee Changes, Employee of the Quarter


  • Fourth Quarter - Your PERSI Base Plan Gets You In The Race, Sick Leave and Four-day Work Weeks (School Districts), Regular Interest for Calendar Year 2015, Long-time PERSI Trustee Retiring, PERSI Staff Award Winners
  • Third Quarter - Contribution Rates Decision, Planning Your Retirement, E-newsletters, Investment Update
  • Second Quarter - A Message From The Chairman, Measuring a Healthy Fund, Investment News
  • First Quarter - Active Member Newsletter Is Now Electronic, Choosing The Right Financial Advisor, PERSI´s Pocatello Office Has Relocated, Explore Your Future: Start With MyPERSI


  • Fourth Quarter - Contribution Rate Increase Postponed, Regular Interest for Calendar Year 2014, Comparing PERSI and Social Security Disability, Pocatello Office Relocating, E-Newsletters Are Coming!
  • Third Quarter - PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan Is Here for You, Budget Isn´t a Dirty Word, Understanding Auto Financing, Plastic Isn´t Always Fantastic, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - Rate Increase Effective July 1, 2013, Rate Increase Effective July 1, 2013, PERSI Implements New Security Measures, Retirement Board Changes Meeting Dates for 2013, Check Your Annual Statement When It Arrives
  • First Quarter - There´s Something to Be Said for Consistency, Understanding Your Homeowner´s Insurance, Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA)


  • Fourth Quarter - Contribution Rate Increase July 1, 2013, Your Average Monthly Salary at Retirement, A Season for Everything: Know The Best Time to Buy, Regular Interest for Calendar Year 2013
  • Third Quarter - Helpful Materials Available on PERSI Website, A Quick Retirement Review Is a Good Thing, What Happens to Debt When Parents Die, It´s Possible to Boost Your Social Security Check, Advanced Care Directive
  • Second Quarter - Review Your Annual Statement, 63 ½ - An Overlooked Number in Retirement Planning, Staying Sane in a Roller Coaster Market, Understanding The Rule of 80/90, Fast Facts Flyer Available on PERSI Website
  • First Quarter - PERSI Offers New Online Videos & DVD, 2012 Pensionomics Report, Retirement Legislation From 2012 Session


  • Fourth Quarter - Contribution Rate Increase Postponed, Regular Interest Rate for 2012, Charitable Giving and Your Taxes, Time to Review Your Supplemental Retirement Plan
  • Third Quarter - It Seems Like We´ve Been Here Before, Protecting Member Information, PERSI Is on Facebook, Lending to Family Or Friends Is Serious Business, Yes, PERSI Still Takes Appointments, Volunteers Needed
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Continues to Recover, Will You Struggle Financially in Retirement, Retirement Checklist
  • First Quarter - The 2011 Social Security Tax Reduction, Too Much Information and Too Many Choices, Retirement Misconceptions, PERSI Website Undergoes Change


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI´s Health and Other Facts, New Choice 401(k) Plan Tool and Fund Changes, Understanding Power of Attorney, Regular Interest Rate for 2011, Interpreter Services, New Disability Vendor for PERSI
  • Third Quarter - Accessing Your PERSI Accounts Online, How a Retirement Benefit Fuels The Economy, Working In Retirement, Moving Towards Digital Communications, National Save for Retirement Week
  • Second Quarter - National Discussion Taking Place on Pensions, Credit Card Features: Which Card Is Right for You, Substitute Teachers: Understanding HB644, Being Green Is Easy
  • First Quarter - Tax Reminder for Board and Commission Members, New Credit Card Protection Law, Workshops Are Convenient, Targeted, and Informative, National Research Center Lists PERSI as a Top Performer


  • Fourth Quarter - Retirement Board Makes Difficult Decision, Which Credit Card Suits Your Needs, Disputing an Error on Your Credit Report, No Change to Elective Contribution Limits, New benefit Projection Tool for Choice 401(k) Plan, Separation Payment Options Have Changed
  • Third Quarter - Saving or Spending....The Choice Is Yours, Be Smart About Holiday Shopping, Improve Your Credit Score, Non-Financial Questions to Consider Before Retiring
  • Second Quarter - Protecting Personal Information, Who Will Care for Your Children If You Die, How Your Credit Score Is Calculated, Changes to Federal Tax Withholding, New Law Helps Disabled Public Safety Officers
  • First Quarter - 2008 Customer Service Survey Results, Staying Focused in Turbulent Times, If You Don´t Understand the Jargon... You´re Not Alone, PERSI Web Site Redesigned


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI Sound Despite Continued Market Volatility, New Deputy Director Named, Comparing the Base Plan and the Choice 401(k) Plan
  • Third Quarter - PERSI remains stable despite recent market drop, New executive director for PERSI, Riding out the storm
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Executive Announces Retirement, Using an ATM safely, Stake a claim to what's rightfully yours, Regular interest rate set
  • First Quarter - Customer Service Survey Results, Confused about the Social Security Retirement Option?, New Retirement Workshops Available


  • Fourth Quarter - Don't let taxes stress you out.. Get organized, Planning for retirement on your 60s and beyond, A rise in interest rates can impact buy backs
  • Third Quarter - A Message for PERSI Members, Retirement Planning in your fifties
  • Second Quarter - Retirement Workshops Redesigned, Planning for retirement in your forties, Buying back a separation benefit, Single Log-on available for PERSI Accounts
  • First Quarter - When should members get retirement estimate?, Opting out of credit card offers, Planning for retirement twenties thirties, The benefits of making an appointment with PERSI, Smart ways to use your tax refund


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI Funding Status Among the Highest Nationwide, Contribution Rates and Cost of Living Adjustments, 2007 Financial Resolution Solutions, Beneficiary Form has Changed, Choice 401(k) Plan Statements Available Online
  • Third Quarter - PERSI web domain and email address change, PERSI Answer Center celebrates anniversary, Making life insurance decisions
  • Second Quarter - Time limits for filing for PERSI disability, Contributing to the Choice Plan: You have options, Hey ladies, Do you want a secure retirement?

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