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  • Second Quarter - PERSI Update And Market Volatility, Remembering Retired Trustee J. Kirk Sullivan, Outliving Your Contingent Annuitant
  • First Quarter - Recap Regarding FY2020 COLA And Retroactive COLAs For Eligible PERSI Retirees, Keeping Your Contact Information Current With PERSI Is Important And Easy!, Don’t Get Grounded, Get A Star Card, The Empower Retirement Security Guarantee


  • Fourth Quarter - Fiscal Year 2019 Highlights, Tax Documents Will Be Available Soon, Do You Have A New Mailing Address? Make Sure You Update It With PERSI!, Do You Have Tax Questions?
  • Third Quarter - October Is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Keep Your Smart Devices Secure, Don't Get Left At the Gate! Make Sure You Are Ready To Fly With The Star Card!, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Welcomes Darin DeAngeli To The Retirement Board Of Trustees, Don’t Get Burned By A Summertime Scam, Have You Heard About The Star Card?, Investment Report
  • First Quarter - Do You Know Your PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan Options?, Protect Yourself And Your Family, Have You Heard About The Star Card?, Help Understanding Medicare And Other Options, Bulletin, Investment News


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI Retirement Board makes decision on cost-of-living adjustment, Trustee J. Kirk Sullivan retires from PERSI Retirement Board, Tax documents will be available soon, PERSI employees celebrate the holidays by helping the Idaho Foodbank, Do you have tax questions?, Bulletin, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - Avoiding Counterfeit Prescription Drugs, Health Care And Health Insurance Scams• Important Tax Inf, Important Tax Information , Service Interruption In October, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - Important Tax Information, Outliving Your Contingent Annuitant, PERSIs Chief Investment Officer, Bob Maynard, Featured in Trusted Insight, Investment News
  • First Quarter - Avoid Fraud: Tips To Protect Yourself And Your Money, Do You Need A Durable Power Of Attorney?, Help Understanding Medicare And Other Options, Bulletins, Investment News


  • Fourth Quarter - New PERSI Boardroom Named In Honor Of Former Chairman, Retirement Board Recommends A Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) For Retirees, Tax Documents Will Be Mailed Soon, Do You Have Tax Questions?, PERSI Staff Makes Big Impact On Local Nonprofit, New Year, New Fees...Reduced Fees! , Bulletins, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - New Chairman and Trustee, Protect Yourself by Protecting Your Password, Meet Your Choice Plan Counselor, Access Your Choice Plan Statement, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - Chairman Olson Retires, PERSI Featured in NASRA Report, Return to Teaching After Retirement, Bulletins, Investment Report
  • First Quarter - Member Web Portal Security, Remembering Trustee Shuler, Help with Medicare


  • Fourth Quarter - COLA and Contribution Rate Update, Tax Season Reminder, Guest Article on Unfunded Liability
  • Third Quarter - Fiscal Year End and Funding, New Member Web Portal, Required Minimum Distribution
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Computer System Changes, Scam Targets PERSI Family, More Scams to Watch Out For
  • First Quarter - Tax Season Reminder, PERSI Staff Prepared for Emergencies, Planning for the Future


  • Fourth Quarter - A Message from the Chairman of the Board, PERSI's Membership and Impact on Idaho, Cost-of-Living Adjustment Information
  • Third Quarter - Required Minimum Distribution, Divorce Affects Retirement, Investment Update
  • Second Quarter - Celebrating 50 Years of PERSI, Choice Plan Mobile App, Mail Theft Prevention Tips, Investment News
  • First Quarter - New Board Member, New Choice Plan Record Keeper, Choice Plan Fee Changes


  • Fourth Quarter - Changing Your Contingent Annuitant, "Split" Premiums Ending, Investment News
  • Third Quarter - COLAs Announced, Required Minimum Distribution, Investment Update
  • Second Quarter - A Message from the Chairman, Measuring a Healthy Fund, Tips from PERSI Member Services
  • First Quarter - All-Time Highs Are a Call for Continued Vigilance, Choosing the Right Financial Advisor, Pocatello Office Moves to New Location


  • Fourth Quarter - Cost-Of-Living Adjustment for 2014, Pocatello Office Relocating, 1099R Forms, Understanding Advance Care Directives
  • Third Quarter - Required Minimum Distribution, Budget Isn't a Dirty Word, Auto Financing, Investment News
  • Second Quarter - Retirement Board Changes Meeting Dates for 2013, Tax Withholding Can Get Complicated, Senior Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA), PERSI Implements New Security Measures
  • First Quarter - There's Something to be Said for Consistency, Understanding Your Homeowner's Insurance, A Different Kind of Pay Stub with Direct Deposit


  • Fourth Quarter - 1% Cost-Of-Living Adjustment for 2013, 1099 Forms, A Snapshot of What a Will Does and Does Not Cover, A Season for Everything: Know the Best Time to Buy
  • Third Quarter - Required Minimum Distributions, Advanced Care Directive, Life After Retirement Is Different for Everyone, Think It's Impossible to Boost Your Social Security Check
  • Second Quarter - Prescription Drug Patents Set to Expire, Staying Sane in a Roller Coaster Market, Are You Looking for Work in RetirementAre You Looking for Work in Retirement
  • First Quarter - Return to Work Legislation Affects Retired Teachers, Fast Facts Flyer Available on PERSI Website, 2012 Pensionomics Report, Why Retirees Are Choosing to Work in Retirement


  • Fourth Quarter - Retirement Board Awards COLA, Healthcare Decisions Made for Many Seniors, Be Alert, Be Aware, the Scammers Are out There.
  • Third Quarter - It Seems Like We've Been Here Before, Protecting Member Information, Getting a Call from the Emergency Room, Required Minimum Distributions - Choice 401(k) Plan, Volunteers Needed
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Continues to Recover, Are Seniors Cranky or Just Dealing with Stress, Divorce After Retirement
  • First Quarter - Ten Things to Remember About You and PERSI, Carry a Medication List and Know Your Pharmacist


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI's Health and Other Facts, Understanding Power of Attorney, Off Site Payroll Processing, Tax Time: 1099R Forms Go out in January, Interpreter Services Now Available
  • Third Quarter - Retiree Payroll, How a Retirement Benefit Fuels the Economy, Returning to Work
  • Second Quarter - National Discussion Taking Place on Pensions, Credit Card Features: Which Card Is Right for You, Being Green Is Easy
  • First Quarter - Understanding the 2010 Cost of Living Adjustment, New Credit Card Protection Law, PERSI a Top Performer


  • Fourth Quarter - Cost of Living Adjustment, Which Credit Card Suits Your Needs, Disputing an Error on Your Credit Report, 2010 Tax Tables
  • Third Quarter - Debit Cards Used for Social Security Payments, Be Smart About Holiday Shopping, Improving Your Credit Score
  • Second Quarter - Protecting Personal Information, Why PERSI Can't Act as Insurance Administrator, Federal Tax Withholding Changes Causing Confusion, How Your Credit Score Is Calculated, New Legislation
  • First Quarter - 2008 Customer Service Survey Results, Spending Less on Healthcare, PERSI Web Site Redesigned, If You Don't Understand the Jargon, You're Not Alone, No Required Minimum Distributions for 2009


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI Sound Despite Continued Market Volatility, New Deputy Director Named, Stretching Your Money
  • Third Quarter - PERSI Remains Stable Despite Recent Market Drop, New Executive Director for PERSI, PERSI Web Site Redesigned
  • Second Quarter - PERSI Executive Director Announces Retirement, Using an ATM Safely, $40 Million in Unclaimed Property in Idaho
  • First Quarter - Customer Service Survey Results, State of Idaho Taxes and Form 39-R, The Benefits of Physical Activity, Using Your Tax Rebate Check


  • Fourth Quarter - Don't Let Taxes Stress You out... Get Organized, Understanding Your 1099-R, Board Approves Maximum COLA for Retirees
  • Third Quarter - A Message for PERSI Members, Hold on to Your Wallet If You Are Going to a FREE Investment Seminar, New Investment Options for the Choice 401(k) Plan
  • Second Quarter - Financial Abuse of the Elderly, Keeping Your Important Documents Organized, Giving Your Doctor a Check Up
  • First Quarter - What Your Base Plan Beneficiary Should Know, The Benefits of Direct Deposit, Required Minimum Distributions Begin at Age 70.5, Opting out of Credit Card Offers


  • Fourth Quarter - PERSI Funding Status Among the Highest Nationwide, Contribution Rates and Cost of Living Adjustments, 2007 Financial Resolution Solutions, Beneficiary Form Has Changed, Choice 401(k) Plan Statements Available Online, 1099 Forms
  • Third Quarter - PERSI Answer Center Celebrates Anniversary, PERSI Web Domain and Email Address Change, Making Life Insurance Decisions
  • Second Quarter - Anytime Is Time to Review Your Estate Plan, Identity Theft: What You Should Know, Agencies on Aging Help Idaho Seniors

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