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Choice 401(k) Plan (For Retirees or Inactive Members)

As a retired or inactive member, you may keep your funds in the Choice 401(k) Plan as long as you maintain the minimum account balance.

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Base Plan (Part 1)

The Base Plan is your regular, mandatory PERSI plan. Your Base Plan is a Defined Benefit plan, meaning your retirement benefit is based on a defined formula.

Many retired or inactive members have two PERSI accounts, the Base Plan plus the Choice 401(k) Plan.

Your Base Plan provides a good foundation.

Choice 401(k) Plan (Part 2)

The Choice 401(k) Plan is your voluntary PERSI account. It contains any gain sharing contributions you receive, any voluntary contributions you make, any rollovers you request from other plans, and any employer contributions on your behalf, as well as the earnings on those funds. Your Choice 401(k) Plan is a Defined Contribution plan, meaning the amount you receive at retirement is based on the contributions and earnings in the plan.

Your Choice 401(k) Plan creates a more secure retirement.

Also see Choice 401(k) Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

My Choice 401(k) Plan Account - Access your account or request a PIN reminder letter here or by phone (toll-free 1-866-437-3774). You may view account balance details (total, vested amount, by funds and by source), review plan guidelines and fund details. You may also make changes to the allocation of current and future contributions, request PIN changes and order materials. If you´re eligible for a loan or withdrawal, submit your request from your Choice 401(k) Plan logon to your account or call the record keeper at 1-866-437-3774.

Choice 401(k) Plan Informational Materials and Forms
Choice 401(k) Plan Comparison Chart Unlike many workers, you have a choice when deciding how to save for retirement. The comparison chart summarizes and compares some of the main features of each of the retirement savings plan options available to you.
Choice 401(k) Plan Highlights This 10-page brochure explains the specifics of the Choice 401(k) Plan including contributions, rollovers, election changes, in-service withdrawals, loan features, investment options, distribution options, and record keeping fees.
Choice 401(k) Plan Legal Document The articles which define the legal framework and rules for the Choice 401(k) Plan.
Choice 401(k) Plan Death Benefit Claim Request Use this form to certify you are a beneficiary of a deceased Choice 401(k) Plan participant and to request payment of the deceased participant's Choice 401(k) Plan funds.
Instructions and important tax information are included with the form.
Choice 401(k) Plan Incoming Rollover Request The Choice 401(k) Plan accepts rollover contributions from other qualified retirement plans. Instructions and additional information are included with the form to guide you through the process.
Choice 401(k) Plan Separation from Employment Withdrawal Request Use this form to request to receive your distribution of funds from the Choice 401(k) Plan. If you are a beneficiary of a deceased participant, use the Choice 401(k) Plan Death Benefit Claim Request.
What Happens to Your Choice 401(k) Plan Money When You Retire? This document helps members understand the distribution options for their Choice 401(k) Plan money at retirement.

Choice 401(k) Plan Fees - A breakdown of the fees related to the Choice Plan and your investment options.

Choice 401(k) Plan Investment Options - A summary of the various investment funds available to you and links to the fund websites.