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IRIS Information - Changes Are Coming ...

Updated 7/26/2016

For the past several years, PERSI has been working in the background, designing a completely new computerized pension administration system, called the Idaho Retirement Information System (IRIS). All PERSI employers are currently reporting transmittal data using IRIS, and we are now in the final phases of development and testing of the member-facing functions, and will soon be fully implementing IRIS.

IRIS will change many of the processes we, and you, rely on today. Some changes will affect only active members; some will affect only retirees; some will affect everyone. We expect unforeseen issues to crop up during and after the transition, which we will work through. We want to help all members prepare for some of the changes we do know about.

Changes To Be Aware Of ...
Limited Office Capabilities During Conversion
On-Line Member Portal Changes
Closing Thoughts

Limited Office Capabilities During Conversion

Conversion from the current system to IRIS will last approximately five business days (August 27 – September 5). This process will start after we have completed processing September retirement benefits. During this time, PERSI offices will remain open for business; however the staff’s ability to perform certain operations will be limited. We encourage members planning on requesting estimates, or wanting to initiate or complete retirement processes to take care of their business before or after those dates. If you are considering acting and not sure what to do or when to do it, call the PERSI Answer Center at 1-800-451-8228.

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On-Line Member Portal Changes

The switch to IRIS also brings a new, much improved, online member portal to replace myPERSI. The new web portal will also be called myPERSI; however we will not be able to convert your existing myPERSI web account. The new myPERSI web portal will have improved security features, and allow members greater flexibility:

  • Members will be able to choose a preferred method of communication - (email/regular mail).

  • Retirees can sign up for and update direct deposit information.

  • Members can view Choice 401(k) Plan account information.

  • Members can add and change beneficiary information.

  • Retirees can view, and change tax withholding information.

  • Members can sign up to receive PERSI newsletters.

The new portal was designed with enhanced security features and procedures meant to help PERSI protect members’ personal data. Once the new myPERSI web portal goes live on 9/12/2016, members will be required to re-register in the new portal, using a valid email address. We strongly encourage members to register using a personal email address rather than a work email address for a number of reasons:

  • When a member leaves employment, he/she will lose access to the work email address and will no longer receive important email messages from PERSI.

  • To use the “Forgot Password” feature, you must be able to access the email account used to register. If a member uses a work email account to register, leaves that employer, and subsequently forgets his/her password, that member will be unable to reset his/her password and will instead have to call the PERSI Answer Center for help.

  • Using a personal email address helps ensure privacy because some employers recycle old or unused email addresses.

  • PERSI members who also log into PERSI's Employer portal or Insurance Vendor portal for business purposes must use a different email address for the Member web portal.

The new portal has improved security features and will not allow the sharing of one email address between two members. When a member registers, he/she must create a new password and also select and answer three security questions. For members choosing electronic delivery, documents and correspondence will be posted on the portal instead of emailing information directly. When new documents or messages are available, members will receive an email from PERSI, directing them to log in to retrieve them.

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Closing Thoughts

PERSI wants to thank all of our members and employers for your patience and cooperation during this exciting transition. Please keep an eye on this web page and read PERSI newsletters for more details and updates. As always, members with questions or needing help are encouraged to call the PERSI Answer Center at 1-800-451-8228 or (208) 334-3365.

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