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NEW! Retirement Planning and Finding a Financial Advisor: Advice from a PERSI Retiree
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Full Video (11 min. This video takes a few seconds to load)
  1. Introduction
  2. Advice for New Employees
  3. Start Planning Today
  4. Your Search for an Advisor
  5. Self-Guided Searching
  6. Vetting Your Advisor
  7. Observing Your Advisor
  8. Fees and Expenses
  9. Know Your Options
  10. Conclusion

PERSI’s Training Department presents a new approach to educational videos for you. We’re calling it the "Video Vault". Here you will have one place to go, to learn about various PERSI topics, in "2-minute Tutorials", designed to be:

  • Short and to the point
  • Fun and engaging
  • Informative and helpful

We have organized the videos into two categories: Arrivos Videos and Eligibility Videos. Click on the category icon that best fits your situation to populate a custom list of videos. If you are using an older or slower device, or have a slower Internet connection, you may want to choose the "Low Resolution" option.

PERSI’s Employer Video Vault is a work in progress, so check back often for new clips!

Employer Videos

Employer Eligibility 2-Minute Tutorials

Full Reporting - High Resolution (About 18.2 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.7 MB)

Eligibility Fundamentals - High Resolution (About 19.0 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.7 MB)

Eligibility Determination - High Resolution (About 14.9 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.6 MB)

Part Time Employment - High Resolution (About 19.5 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.9 MB)

Seasonal Eligibility Exceptions - High Resolution (About 17.5 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.2 MB)

Eligibility of Elected or Appointed - High Resolution (About 17.4 MB)

Low Resolution (About 4.4 MB)

Arrivos Training Video

Arrivos Training Video - Recorded from a Live Webinar (Approximately 34 MB, 21:39 in length)

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