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News to Use is a monthly publication for PERSI employers. In News to Use, we explain PERSI´s policies and procedures, provide up-to-date information on what´s happening at PERSI, and offer instruction and tips on completing PERSI forms. All the links for the employer newsletter can be viewed via PDF .

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April 2017 Employer NewsLetter

  • myPERSI Security Enhancement
  • Roles for Sick Leave
  • Seasonal Eligibility
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  • April 2017 - myPERSI Security Enhancement, Roles for Sick Leave, Seasonal Eligibility
  • March 2017 - Security Enhancement for myPERSI, Substitute Teacher Pay Reminder, Communication Staff Changes
  • February 2017 - Please Encourage Members to Use myPERSI, Eligibility for Seasonal Employees, Ready Set Go! New Training Modules for Employees
  • January 2017 - PERSI Membership and Economic Impact , Staying in the Choice 401(k) Plan, Investment Report
  • Past Issues


  • December 2016 - IRIS Warnings and Errors, GASB Allocations, Employee Address Changes, Saver's Tax Credit
  • November 2016 - Contribution Rate Increase, GASB 68 Allocation Posted, No More RS109 Forms, Regular Interest Rate Announced, Choice Plan Employer Meetings
  • October 2016 - Determining Eligibility, IRIS Transition Update, Annual Statements in the Mail, Investment Update
  • September 2016 - IRIS Update, Meet the Director, Choice Plan Meetings, Investment Update
  • August 2016 - IRIS Update, Meetings with PERSI Director, Choice Plan Meetings, Investment Update
  • July 2016 - IRIS Update, Summer Meetings with PERSI's Director, Scam Alert
  • June 2016 - IRIS Update, September Retirement Reminder, Investment Update
  • May 2016 - Census Data Testing, House Bill 452, September Retirement Reminder, Ready, Set, Go!
  • April 2016 - Choice 401(k) Plan Kit, Transmittal Timeline Change, Investment Update
  • March 2016 - Updating Member Information, Tax Reminder, Retirement Timeline, Investment Update
  • February 2016 - Effects of Full Reporting and IRIS, New Deputy Director for PERSI, Military Service Credit, Investment Update
  • January 2016 - PERSI Impact on Idaho Economy, Member Training Available, Investment Update

We have removed past issues of "News to Use" which are more than a year old, to make sure information you find on our website is current and reliable. We encourage you to use the Employer Online Guide from within the Employer Portal as your source for PERSI information. Much of the information from the old newsletters is now presented in the Employer Online Guide, but outdated information is removed or brought up to date. If you don´t find the information you are looking for, use the "Suggestion Box" on the Main page to send us an email and we will find it for you and modify the index so it´s easy to find the next time.


Articles by Topic


A New Look for Choice 401(k) Plan Materials June 2009
ACS HR Solutions Hires New Educator October 2011
Active Member Newsletter Goes Electronic April 2014
Annual Employer Survey November 2008
Annual Reminder to Keep Mailing Info Current June 2007
Annual Statements are Mailed in September September 2014
Annual Statements in the Mail October 2016
Annual Statements to Go out in Mid-September September 2012
Answers to Pay-For-Performance Questions August 2012
Apply Early for a September Retirement June 2014
Apply Early for September Retirement May 2015
Attention Schools: Pay for Performance Update September 2012
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Benefits of Making an Appointment March 2007
Break in Service and RS132A Form Still Confusing August 2013
Business and Reminders June 2009
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Calculating the Value of Unused Sick Leave November 2011
Can't Find FAQs on the PERSI Website? December 2011
Census Data Testing May 2016
Changes in the Employer Service Center September 2007
Changes to Transmittal Reporting Coming April 2012
Changing Mailing Addresses with PERSI December 2013
Changing Mailing Addresses with PERSI January 2013
Check out PERSI's Facebook Page September 2011
Choice 401(k) Plan Annual Statements &... January 2011
Choice 401(k) Plan Kit April 2016
Choice 401(k) Plan Online Tools November 2010
Choice 401(k) Record Keeper Transition March 2015
Choice Plan Assistance June 2015
Choice Plan Blackout Period May 2015
Choice Plan Employer Meetings November 2016
Choice Plan Manager's Message August 2015
Choice Plan Meetings September 2016
Choice Plan Meetings August 2016
Clarify Disability Benefits for Your Employees April 2009
Class II Certification Begins January 5th, 2011 January 2011
Class II Certification Required August 2010
Communication Staff Changes March 2017
Compensation: What Gets Reported April 2011
Completing the RS132 Form for Rehired Retirees August 2009
Completing W-2 Forms January 2013
Contribution Rate Changed July 1st July 2013
Contribution Rate Increase November 2016
Contribution Rate Increase Postponed December 2011
Contribution Rate Increase Postponed January 2011
Contribution Rate to Increase July 1, 2013 & 1% COLA December 2012
Contribution Rates June 2009
Contribution Rates Lifted October 2014
Current Contact Info July 2011
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Dealing with Market Ups and Downs October 2015
Delinquent Contributions June 2010
Determining Eligibility October 2016
Direct Deposit Recommended June 2015
Disability Retirement and Filing Deadline September 2014
Don't Forget GASB February 2014
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Early Retirement Incentive Program July 2008
Educational Video for State Lawmakers December 2010
Effects of Full Reporting and IRIS February 2016
Eight-Month Seasonal Employees June 2011
Elected and Appointed Officials November 2012
Electronic Payment System Being Upgraded March 2014
Eligibility for Seasonal Employees February 2017
Employee Address Changes December 2016
Employee and Manager of the Year at PERSI January 2010
Employee Orientation Now Available Online August 2013
Employer Handbook Updated and Available May 2010
Employer Meetings November 2008
Employer Meetings Kick Off May 2007
Employer Meetings-overview February 2007
Employer Online Guide Now Available May 2007
Employer Portal Operational April 2007
Employer Service Center Management Changes November 2009
Employer Survey Results February 2009
Employer surveys go out soon December 2008
Employer Video Vault February 2015
Employer Visits Scheduled This Summer June 2010
Employers Invited to Boise for Training April 2010
Employers Responsible for Limits Testing October 2010
Encourage Employers to Submit Forms Online October 2007
ERIP for Teachers Repealed Again April 2013
Executive Director Makes Plans to Visit Employers May 2010
Exercise Care When hiring a PERSI Retiree April 2010
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Fifty Years of PERSI May 2015
Fiscal Operations at PERSI August 2012
Focusing on Employer Education August 2010
Form RS102 - Membership Application December 2009
Forms Available Online March 2010
Forms: Keeping Them Current and Submitting an RS109 January 2007
Full Reporting Reminder September 2015
Full Reporting Training Workshops Scheduled June 2012
Full Reporting Training Workshops Underway July 2012
Full Reporting: It's Important, It's Required March 2014
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GASB 68 Allocation Posted November 2016
GASB 68 Instructions October 2015
GASB 68 Net Pension Allocations March 2015
GASB 68 Update December 2014
GASB Allocations December 2016
GASB Allocations for 9/30/15 FYE Employers December 2015
GASB Comment Period Ends Soon September 2011
GASB Issues New Guidance April 2015
GASB Proposes Financial Reporting Changes for Employers September 2010
GASB Releases Exposure Draft of Proposed Changes August 2011
GASB Statement 68 Implementation Marches on April 2014
GASB Update July 2015
GASB Update February 2015
GASB Update: Dedicated Page on PERSI Website May 2014
GASB Update: Meeting Phase Complete July 2014
GASB Update: Next Stop, North Idaho June 2014
Getting Your Newsletter Notification Email September 2008
Great Benefits Attract Great Employees December 2013
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Handbooks Available for Members Online April 2007
HB202 Sunset Clause July 2011
Help Available on the PERSI Website for Employers July 2013
Help with Forms October 2014
Helpful Materials Available On PERSI Website September 2012
Helping Your Employees Understand PERSI January 2012
Here Come the Judges May 2014
Hiring a Retiree? Be Sure to Do the Paperwork. June 2013
Hiring Retirees Can Be Confusing March 2009
House Bill 452 May 2016
How Employees Get Started with the Choice Plan October 2012
How Sick Leave Works May 2014
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Idaho Business Review Recognizes Two PERSI Women July 2007
Importance of Pay Date When Reporting February 2010
Important to Encrypt Email Transmittals June 2010
Information Technology at PERSI March 2013
Investment Report January 2017
Investment Report September 2015
Investment Report July 2015
Investment Report January 2015
Investment Report July 2014
Investment Update October 2016
Investment Update September 2016
Investment Update August 2016
Investment Update June 2016
Investment Update April 2016
Investment Update March 2016
Investment Update February 2016
Investment Update January 2016
Investment Update December 2015
Investment Update November 2015
Investment Update October 2015
Investment Update August 2015
Investment Update February 2015
Investment Update October 2014
IRIS Transition Update October 2016
IRIS Update September 2016
IRIS Update August 2016
IRIS Update July 2016
IRIS Update June 2016
IRIS Update September 2015
IRIS Update March 2015
IRIS Update December 2014
IRIS Update January 2013
IRIS Warnings and Errors December 2016
It's Easy Being Green July 2010
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July 15 Deadline for Retirement Applications April 2013
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Keep Contact Info Current November 2015
Keeping Contact Information Updated November 2011
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Lawmakers Changed PERSI Salary Definition May 2012
Leaving Base Plan Money in PERSI or Is It Refunded? February 2007
Legislation Affecting PERSI Members May 2010
Legislative Updates Relating to PERSI April 2012
Legislature Update 2007 April 2007
Legislature Update 2011 May 2011
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Making the Grade - PERSI's Score Card June 2014
Maximum Annual Compensation April 2009
May Board Meeting Held in Pocatello June 2007
Meet the Director September 2016
Meetings with PERSI Director August 2016
Member Training Available January 2016
Memo of Understanding Issued May 2009
Military Deployment October 2010
Military Service Credit February 2016
More About the 2007 Employer Meetings March 2007
myPERSI Security Enhancement April 2017
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Net Pension Allocations Available June 2015
Never Share Your Password with Anyone September 2011
New Board Member for PERSI November 2009
New Choice 401 (k) Plan Counselor December 2015
New Choice 401(k) Plan Online Transactions August 2008
New Deputy Director for PERSI February 2016
New Deputy director for PERSI February 2013
New Disability Vendor November 2010
New Executive Director for PERSI October 2008
New Investment Options for the Choice 401(k) Plan October 2007
New Limits for Choice 401(k) Plan January 2009
New PERSI Board Trustee April 2015
New PERSI YouTube Videos & a DVD February 2012
New Public Information Officer for PERSI October 2013
New Rules for Pension Accounting and Reporting October 2013
New Training Modules February 2015
New Training Modules for Employees February 2014
No More RS109 Forms November 2016
No Rate Changes Again This Year August 2008
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Online Tools Can Help Employers and Employees August 2011
Online Verification of Social Security Numbers July 2008
Organizational Changes at PERSI June 2012
Organizational Changes at PERSI December 2009
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PERSI 1st Quarter 2014 Travel/Training Schedule December 2013
PERSI Board Announces Divestment Decision August 2007
PERSI Board Postpones Contribution Rate Increase November 2013
PERSI Can't Make Insurance Changes June 2012
PERSI Connecting with Lawmakers September 2011
PERSI Day Proclamation July 2015
PERSI Disability Retirement vs. Social Security Disability September 2013
PERSI Employee of the Quarter April 2015
PERSI Expands on Facebook November 2011
PERSI Expands Onsite Employer Visits March 2010
PERSI Impact on Idaho Economy January 2016
PERSI Member Services Is Here to Help October 2012
PERSI Membership and Economic Impact January 2017
PERSI Membership and Impact on Idaho Economy November 2014
PERSI Membership Eligibility July 2009
PERSI Names Manager and Employee of the Year January 2007
PERSI Names New Trainer May 2010
PERSI Officer Ranks Among Investment Elite November 2013
PERSI Remains Stable Despite Recent Market Drop October 2008
PERSI Staff Award Winners January 2015
PERSI Still Seeking Employer Reporting Info April 2010
PERSI Video Available on Website January 2011
PERSI Website Can Help Employers November 2011
PERSI Website Is a Useful Tool October 2009
Please Encourage Members to Use myPERSI February 2017
Pocatello Office Relocating February 2014
Possible Contribution Rate Increase May 2009
Potential PERSI-related Legislation February 2008
Processing an Account Withdrawal Takes Time May 2013
Processing Retirement Applications July 2013
Proposed Legislation Affecting PERSI February 2009
Protecting Member Information October 2011
Protecting Personal Information May 2009
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Rate Change for Public Safety Officers February 2010
Rate Increase Goes Into Effect July 1, 2013 April 2013
Ready Set Go! New Training Modules for Employees February 2017
Ready, Set, Go! May 2016
Regular Interest Rate November 2015
Regular Interest Rate Announced November 2016
Regular Interest Rate for 2011 December 2010
Regular Interest Rate for 2012 December 2011
Regular Interest Rate for 2013 November 2012
Regular Interest Rate for 2014 November 2013
Regular Interest Rate for 2015 November 2014
Remind Your Employees to Vote November 2008
Repaying a Separations Benefit (AKA Buy Back) April 2013
Repeal of PERSI Rule 104 April 2011
Reporting PERSI Contributions on a W-2 Form December 2008
Reporting Responsibilities July 2011
Retirement Application Options October 2011
Retirement Applications May 2011
Retirement Benefit Projection Tool for Choice Plan January 2010
Retirement Board Makes Difficult Decision January 2010
Retirement Seminar for PERSI Members October 2007
Retirement Timeline March 2016
Retirement Workshops Are Convenient... February 2010
Retirement Workshops Redesigned July 2007
Roles for Sick Leave April 2017
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Saver's Tax Credit December 2016
Saying Good-bye to the Printed Newsletter August 2010
Scam Alert July 2016
Schedule Summer and Fall Training Today June 2014
School Districts: Payroll Reporting Changes in IRIS December 2012
School Districts: Reporting Sick Leave on Transmittals June 2010
Seasonal Eligibility April 2017
Security Enhancement for myPERSI March 2017
September Retirement July 2015
September Retirement Deadline June 2015
September Retirement Reminder June 2016
September Retirement Reminder May 2016
Sick Leave and 4-Day Work Weeks January 2015
Sick Leave Certification June 2011
Sick Leave Rate Increases Cancelled May 2011
Spotlight Training Video August 2015
Spotlight Video September 2015
Staying in the Choice 401(k) Plan January 2017
Strengthening Our Employer Relationship December 2007
Submit Beneficiary Forms Quickly Upon Receipt November 2009
Substitute Teacher Pay Reminder March 2017
Substitute Teachers: Understanding HB644 July 2010
Summer Meetings with PERSI's Director July 2016
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Take Advantage of New Employee Training April 2014
Tax Reminder March 2016
The Employer Portal Can Make Your Job Easier August 2008
The Visitors Are Coming September 2010
There's Something to be Said for Consistency March 2013
Timeline for Paying a Separation Benefit Changes July 2012
Training Day Will Result in Reduced Service December 2011
Transmittal Service Interruption May 2013
Transmittal Timeline Change April 2016
Transmittals: Using Outside or In-house Resources March 2010
Two Different Sets of Choice Plan Meetings April 2015
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Understanding Member Eligibility November 2007
Understanding the Rule of 80/90 March 2012
Understanding Workers' Compensation September 2009
Updating Member Information March 2016
Updating Member Information July 2014
Using Actual Date of Hire and Termination Dates January 2007
Using Compliant Software for Transmittals September 2009
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W-2 Forms January 2013
Web Resources December 2014
Web Security for IRIS Users January 2015
What Gets Measured Gets Managed & Gets Done May 2012
When Are Beneficiary Forms Required January 2012
When Does a 90-day Break in Service Begin July 2012
When Should Members Get a Retirement Estimate March 2007
Where to Call for Assistance: PAC or ESC? February 2012
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